Young Gun Brad Dawson

October 8, 2019 Blog


Dawson Insurance is super excited to announce that our very own Brad Dawson has been named Young Gun List of 2019 !

The exact Award is called 2019 Young Gun Brad Dawson.

Insurance Business Australia interviewed Brad, and the transcripts are as below:

Interviewer: How do you stay motivated to be at the top of your game?

Brad Dawson: I’m constantly setting boundaries to tackle things that I believe I can do well, and then setting goals to be better at the things I do that need improvement. I thinks its important to do this, no matter how busy I am or how much I have on my plate. I find this a great way to reduce or cut out any ego. I read ALOT. Whist I’m an avid reader of Insurance Business Mag (extra plug haha), I don’t just read insurance or business material. I read books and listen/watch media relating to things outside of the norm, including industries to better my knowledge of my client’s occupations etc. Its likely that if you’re my client, I have a pretty thorough understanding of your industry and its influences. Strict Punctuality, decent fitness, professional appearance and setting high standards are what I strive for everyday.

Interviewer: What do you think sets you apart from your other young peers?

Brad Dawson: In my office in Tweed Heads, we share our building with Accountants, Construction Professionals and other business industries, so I don’t find it easy to compare myself to other young Insurance Professionals. I only try to compare Brad Dawson to Brad Dawson, and doing my absolute best to be a both a better Insurance Professional to my clients and a better person than I was yesterday. I network and meet with other industry professionals (Insurers, Underwriters, Accountants, planners etc) 2-3 time per week, and am an avid supporter of other people’s businesses. I have also started my own Insurance Podcast (The Insurance Podcast Pty Ltd – available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram) discussing all matters Insurance, and Risk Management topics.

Interviewer: What long term goals do you have for your career?

Brad Dawson: In recent years my career (as I’m sure many others have too) has had some big ups, and some huge downs. My long term goals are set and remain within the changing Insurance Industry. With the industry changing almost monthly over the last 12-18 months, I enjoy the challenge of attempting new unchartered directions for Insurance and Risk Management, and not being afraid to fail. I enjoy the unknown with my long terms goals changing almost monthly it seems. My goals are to expand further on my media and social media outreach, bringing more businesses together and creating more opportunities for others looking to join the Insurance Industry.

Interviewer: What advice would you give other young insurance professionals looking to thrive?

Brad Dawson: Firstly, remember you are young. You have time so don’t be afraid to fail, or make mistakes. Ask for help, people will respect that you aren’t afraid and you want to do things properly. Always be on the lookout for a mentor or someone who is successful, someone who you wish to be like, and someone who is honest, genuine and has good character. Read and learn as much as you can, and don’t waste a single minute of your day.

Interviewer: How has the insurance industry nurtured your talent?

Brad Dawson: I have been very fortunate to meet so many people who have helped shape me and my time within the industry. When what seems an insurmountable hurdle arises, a colleague, mentor, or friend in the industry is right there to give you advice, or steer you in a better direction. Insurance industry people are really great people. My early days in Insurance, I was poached over from another industry, and subsequently led to my purchasing of my first small portfolio. I will forever be grateful for the chance just one or two people can give you.

Interviewer: Do you think insurance the perfect industry for ambitious young people?

Brad Dawson: Starting in Insurance is often not easy. Everyone has their difference of opinion of the best way to start out. I am adamant that if a young person is ambitious, open to learn and be humbled, and above all else, be patient. Simply put, Yes.

Interviewer: What would you say has been the defining moment of your career so far?

Brad Dawson: Overcoming adversity earlier in my career, and facing the ramifications of my own terrible decisions is the single most defining moment of my career so far. Emerging out the other side of this has led to a great change in my Business, my attitude toward people, and my ability as an Insurance Broker. I have learnt to work with open arms, trust people, and always be kind (even in business).

Link to the write up on Brad Dawson being added to the list is Here:

Young Gun – Brad Dawson

Young Gun Brad Dawson
Young Gun Brad Dawson


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